No Car, No Problem: How to Get Around San Diego Without a Car

When visiting a new destination, it’s important to figure out how you’ll be getting around the city. Is it possible to enjoy your stay in San Diego without a car? Absolutely! With a growing public transportation system, bike paths, boardwalks, ferries, and more, San Diego is becoming easier and easier to navigate without a car.

Catch the Trolley

The San Diego Metropolitan Transit System is a cheap and easy way to get around San Diego County. Known as the “Trolley,” San Diego’s metro trains run on three lines and service over 50 areas of the city. At just $2.50 for a one-way ticket to any station, this option is both efficient and budget-friendly.

Explore by Bike

San Diego is known for being a bicycle-friendly city, so getting around town on two wheels is a pretty popular transportation option. Going to the beach? Cruise the route known as the Bayshore Bikeway, a 24-mile path reserved for cyclists, providing them with a convenient way to commute safely without having to worry about sharing the road with vehicles.

Take a Walk

Stroll along Shelter Island for scenic views of the marina, or head to the beach and discover the bustling stretch of boardwalk between Mission Beach and Pacific Beach. Connecting the two popular destinations, this boardwalk is full of restaurants, specialty shops, bars, and more. Look for Slomo, the resident rollerblader who is known for skating in “slow motion.”

Hop on the Ferry

If you’re looking to venture across the bay to Coronado Island, take advantage of the Coronado Ferry. A cheap and scenic option for getting across the bay, this 15-minute cruise is perfect for those who enjoy being on the water. Pro tip: grab a seat on the roof for better views of the bay during your trip.

Take advantage of all these lovely modes of transportation to get around our beautiful city. If you aren’t based in San Diego, then treat yourself to a visit and explore with ease. Check out our latest offers and start planning your stay today.