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How To Stay Active Outdoors in San Diego

Thanks to our year-round sunshine, stunning coastline, and a plethora of outdoor activities, San Diego is a haven for fitness enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. If you’re looking to maintain an active lifestyle while taking in the city’s natural beauty, you’re in luck! From adventurous water sports to serene beach yoga sessions, there are countless ways to stay active and make the most of the great outdoors in San Diego. Let’s explore some of the top activities that will keep you moving, energized, and connected with nature.


Bike Riding on the Shelter Island Loop

Aerial View of Shelter Island Loop

Cycling enthusiasts can enjoy the perfect bike route for a leisurely ride right here outside our front door at Island Palms! The Shelter Island Loop is a scenic bike path offering breathtaking views of the bay and downtown San Diego. This level, well-maintained route is perfect for cyclists of all skill levels. No bike? No problem! Island Palms offers complimentary 2-hour bike rentals for guests to enjoy a leisurely ride while basking in the refreshing bay breeze. If you want to extend your journey and see even more of San Diego’s scenery from two wheels, check out our sister hotel’s blog, “Scenic Bike Rides Around San Diego” for tips on some of the area’s best rider routes. 


Tennis and Pickleball

San Diego offers numerous public tennis and pickleball courts throughout the city. Grab your racquet and a friend, and challenge each other to a friendly match amidst beautiful park settings. Tennis and pickleball are not only great workouts, but also fantastic ways to socialize and mingle with locals or other hotel guests. In fact, you don’t even need to leave the property to enjoy a match. Island Palms is home to a pair of tennis courts with complimentary racquet rentals for guests. We’re even in the process of converting one into a dedicated pickleball court! 


Have Fun Out On The Water

San Diego’s deep blue waters provide the perfect playground for water sports enthusiasts. Whether you’re a thrill-seeker or prefer a more relaxed approach, there’s an activity for anyone. Wave-running, parasailing and water skiing offer an adrenaline rush, while stand-up paddleboarding, allows you to explore the coastline at a more leisurely pace. And of course, surfing is a quintessential San Diego experience, with excellent breaks for surfers of all levels right nearby. 


Beach Volleyball

Head to our sandy shores and embrace the spirit of Southern California beach culture by playing a game of beach volleyball! Many of our local beaches have designated courts where you can join a pickup game, or gather your friends for a friendly competition. The combination of physical activity and sea views creates an exhilarating experience like no other. So slather on some sunscreen, then set and spike your way to a great day.


Kayak Tours

Embark on a kayak tour and get up close and personal with San Diego’s coastal wonders. Paddle along sea cliffs, explore sea caves, and observe marine life in their natural habitat. Guided tours are available for beginners, providing a safe and informative experience for all. We recommend reaching out to our friends at Everyday California to arrange a tour of the La Jolla Ecological Reserve, a breathtaking trip full of scenic sandstone caves, abundant marine life, and sun-soaked views you’ll treasure forever. 


Snorkeling/SCUBA Diving

The vibrant underwater world of San Diego comes alive through snorkeling or SCUBA diving. Our crystal-clear waters, diverse marine life, and even fascinating sunken watercraft make this region an undeniable paradise for underwater enthusiasts. Explore any of our renowned dive sites and encounter colorful fish, playful sea lions, and perhaps even harmless leopard sharks during their migration season. Need some tips on where to go? Check out the “San Diego Snorkeling and Scuba Diving Hot Spots” blog from our sister property Pacific Terrace Hotel for some great spots to get started. 


Explore San Diego’s Hiking Trails

Although San Diego is home to stunning beaches, we also offer some truly stunning hiking trails. Escape the city hustle by immersing yourself in spots like Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve (which offers stunning coastal views), or Cowles Mountain, a challenging hike with rewarding panoramas of the city. Nearby nature reserves, canyons, and parks also offer diverse options for hikers of all levels. Looking for additional info? The “Best Hikes Near San Diego” blog from our colleagues at Humphreys Half Moon Inn has some fantastic info for trail-trekkers.


Beach Yoga

Unwind and find your inner zen with a beach yoga session. Many local instructors offer classes on the sand, where the sound of crashing waves and the warmth of the sun create a tranquil atmosphere. Stretch, breathe, and meditate as you connect with nature and leave behind the stresses of everyday life. Check out this “Find Your Zen: Beach Yoga in San Diego” blog for more great tips.


Outdoor Gyms

(Photo: @fitathletic)

For those who prefer structured workouts, outdoor gyms (such as the ones offered by our friends at Fit Athletic) offer the best of both worlds — exercising in the fresh air while having access to top-notch equipment and classes. These alfresco gyms provide a wide range of activities, from strength training to high-intensity interval workouts, ensuring that you can maintain your fitness routine while enjoying the beautiful outdoors. If you’re looking to stay onsite for your workout, Island Palms also offers an on-site fitness center with weights and aerobic machines near our outdoor pool, so you can take a dip to cool off afterward!


Get Active at Island Palms

The options for staying active outdoors in San Diego are truly limitless. Our city offers an abundance of activities to keep you fit, energized, and connected with nature. Embrace the year-round sunshine, immerse yourself in the coastal beauty, and make the most of your time in this vibrant city while maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle! When you’re ready to experience everything San Diego has to offer, book your stay at Best Western Plus Island Palms. Then get out there and explore!