Spending Your Holidays in Sunny San Diego

When most people think of the holidays, they think of classic winter imagery — snowflakes, warm mittens, and the like. But while those may be a few of the favorite things of some, we’d like to make a compelling counterpoint. Specifically, that taking a pass on cold, snow, and shivering this holiday season may be just the thing to deep-six those winter blahs.

Here’s what you can look forward to when you opt to spend your holidays in the sun, sand, and surf. 

Warm Winters

Say goodbye to bundling up when you spend your holidays here. San Diego’s famously mild year-round weather is one of our biggest draws. During the winter months of December-February, San Diego enjoys an average daytime high of about 66°F. And sure — maybe some of the locals pull their windbreakers out of the closet when the mercury “dips” all the way into the mid-to-high sixties. But visitors from cooler climes are often in shirtsleeves.

Paltry Precipitation

San Diego’s climate doesn’t just boast far warmer-than-average temperatures than most of the rest of the U.S., it’s also far drier. In the summer that means a distinct lack of humidity (salty sea breeze notwithstanding). And in the winter months, it also means we never really experience those gray, damp days that plague so many other areas. In fact, the “June Gloom” marine layer usually evens out in the winter due to lower temperatures keeping the ocean cool. In any case, the small handful of rainy days we sometimes experience in the winter never result in the sort of precipitation that needs to be shoveled. However, the slightly increased amount of environmental moisture in the early part of the year does often make for some of the most spectacular sunsets we experience all year.   

So Long, Snow

The famous song “It Never Rains in Southern California” may not have been entirely accurate — by most estimates, we do get rain about once a month on average. But you’re not going to run into any snow here. In fact, San Diego has only seen snow five times in the more than 125 years meteorologists have been keeping records. And the last time we had any measurable snowfall was 1967 (though, if you’re absolutely committed to seeing a little snow during the holidays, Julian is just over an hour away. And thanks to their higher elevation, they average about two feet of snow per year). So while a white Christmas may be the choice of some folks during the holiday season, you’re far more likely to experience a white sand Christmas here. Leave the boots in your closet and pack flip-flops instead. 

Smaller Crowds

We’re of the opinion that there’s simply never a bad time to visit San Diego. But the winter months may be the best time. Not only are the temperatures milder, but so is the overall population density. Tourism drops off quite a bit from November to February, so airfare is less expensive, lines at attractions are shorter, and the already-relaxed pace of life here smooths out even further. So what better time to socially distance then in the cooler winter months?

Holiday Happenings

SoCal may not be the first place many folks think of when they think of the holidays. But that doesn’t mean we don’t know how to have seasonal fun here. There are festive goings-on during the yuletide season that are distinctly San Diego. Parades are a particular point of pride. Be sure to check out this year’s safe spin on a classic event, Balboa Park’s Taste of December Nights drive thru event. Del Mar is putting on Holidays In Your Car, an event that keeps guests safe while still enjoying holiday lights! Snow or no, they’re sure to get you into the holiday spirit.  

Celebrate With Us

Best Western Plus Island Palms offers incomparable getaway packages that make spending your holidays with us an easy decision. Whie here, you can relax and enjoy our picturesque Shelter Island location, serene marina views, and exceptional amenities. Grab a bite and a beverage at the Blue Wave Bar & Grill, relax poolside, or even visit SeaWorld, the museum complexes at Balboa Park, or the San Diego Zoo — all of which are just minutes away from the hotel. It’s been a stressful year — nobody would blame you for giving yourself the gift of a holiday getaway.