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The Best San Diego Late-Night Eats

We’ve all been there: enjoying a night out, losing track of time, and ending up with big cravings after hours. Thankfully, this city offers plenty of options for revelers who get hungry after most of the usual haunts have packed it in for the evening. So if you’re in that loose, liminal space — somewhere between your favorite watering hole closing up shop and sunrise — and only a taco, pizza or burger is going to do before you call it a night? No problem, we’ve got your back. Here are our picks for the best San Diego late-night eats.    


Tacos El Gordo (4.4 miles)

(Photo: @tacoselgordo_)

As the city’s favorite purveyors of Tijuana-style street tacos, Tacos El Gordo’s popular San Diego location is a must-stop if you’re hungry in the wee hours. The locals’ favorite menu features always-fresh handmade corn tortillas, organic ingredients, and savory meats (we highly recommend their Adobada Taco). Lucky for you, their downtown location is open until 4 am on weekends. You’ll eat so good here, you’ll never feel like you’re settling for anything “just because they’re open.”  

511 F St, San Diego, CA 92101


Landini’s Pizzeria (6.8 miles)

(Photo: @landinispizza)

Be honest: what’s better at bar close than a big, hot, cheesy slice? The list is pretty short. Good thing the hours at Landini’s aren’ — and neither is the menu. Don’t let their status as one of the city’s best pizza pavilions let you hesitate in ordering anything (or everything) you see. The paninis are pressed up hot, the pasta is made to order, and the wings are addictive. Of course, the pizza is the star of the show. Get yours by the slice, or whole build-your-own pies all the way up to 2:30 am every weekend. 

1827 India St, San Diego, CA 92101 


Mission + Garnet (8 miles)

(Photo: @mission_garnet)

This multi-concept 24-hour space in Pacific Beach is based on a simple concept: an upscale food-court style space housing several different styles of restaurants. It’s been incredibly popular since opening earlier this year, and once you stop, it’s not too tough to see why. No matter what you’re in the mood for — from made-to-order chicken tenders, to gourmet hot dogs, salads, carver sandwiches, burritos and to-die-for waffle-style churros — you’ll find it right here, any time of day or night.     

800 Garnet Ave, San Diego, CA 92109


Turf Supper Club (8.7 miles)

(Photo: @modernmuse61)

They don’t make ‘em like this anymore. Turf is a classic old-school supper club in the timeless midwestern tradition. For the uninitiated, a supper club is way more than a restaurant — it’s an experience. Turf’s version honors this legacy, featuring cold drinks, a kitschy western-themed ambience, and “grill it yourself” meats cooked on a communal open grill. It’s fun, it’s filling, and it’s fantastically retro. Plus, they serve food until 1 am. So come in, slap a ribeye on the grill, and let the anticipation build as the sizzle does.

1116 25th Street, San Diego, CA 92102


The Asian Bistro (8.9 miles)

(Photo: @theasianbistrosd)

As you might guess from the name, The Asian Bistro offers crave-worthy goodies from across the continent, borrowing a little of this and a little of that from some of the hands-down most delicious food cultures on the planet. Rich Thai-style curries, crispy Vietnamese fried spring rolls, Korean bulgogi dumplings and Cantonese noodles all share menu space, as well as a place in your heart once you try them. Even better, they’re open until 2:30 am every weekend…so when you want edamame after you leave the bar? They’ll hook you up in style. 

414 University Ave, San Diego, CA 92103


Lestat’s (10.4 miles)

(Photo: @lestatscoffee)

Fun, funky and forever fresh, the city’s trio of Lestat’s locations have built a reputation for after-hours shenanigans that rivals their vampire namesake. When you go, expect ample outdoor seating, a colorful cast of characters, and consistently excellent coffee. Lestat’s also offers a favorable schedule for night owls — every location is open at least until 11 pm, and the Park Boulevard location in University Heights is a ‘round-the-clock establishment. So there’s never a bad time to pop in for…a little bite.   

4496 Park Blvd, San Diego, CA 92116


Rudford’s Restaurant (11.2 miles)

Rudford’s opened their doors during the post-war boom in 1949, and they’ve been serving hungry San Diegans 24/7/365 ever since. They remain one of the few classic cookeries still open 24 hours, and they show no signs of slowing down. When you stop in, expect timeless favorites like burgers and fries cooked to perfection, the best chicken-fried steak in town, and breakfast served all day. Just don’t call it a “greasy spoon” — once you get a taste you’ll see why it rates a lot higher than the typical diner fare.

2900 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, CA 92104


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