Where to Get the Best San Diego Tacos

San Diego is arguably the taco capital of the United States and is considered the birthplace of Taco Tuesday. Pay tribute to the city’s history with the Mexican delicacy by taking a foodie tour around the city’s five top taquerías. Whether you play it safe or spring for something new — like spicy-shrimp or cheese-seafood combos — here’s where to treat your taste buds.

Blue Wave Bar & Grill

You never have to go far in San Diego for good tacos, and that’s especially true if you’re staying at the hotel. Our very own eatery, Blue Wave Bar & Grill, serves up exquisite fish tacos with anchiote-marinated fish, Oaxaca cheese, jalepeño cilantro creme, and tropical salsa all wrapped in a local corn torilla.

Mike’s Taco Club

Mike’s Taco Club, located in Ocean Beach, prides itself on a variety of Mexican fare. The menu here includes a steak-shrimp-cheese taco with cabbage and avo, a few grilled-fish and veggie options, and the Trifecta Taco — our favorite. Whatever you choose, pair your selection with a side of chips and guac, and wash it down with a house-made horchata, sangria, or strawberry agua fresca.

5060 Newport Ave, San Diego, CA 92107 (3.8 miles from the hotel)

Not Not Tacos

Not Not Tacos is owned by a local chef and TV personality known as Sam the Cooking Guy and draws its name from the innovative combos on its menu. (They’re not tacos as you know them … but they’re not not tacos.) Push the flavor envelope with the Mashed Potato Taco (incorporating sour cream and green onion), the Asian Salmon Taco (incorporating spicy-garlic hoisin, jicama, and japanese mayo), or even a taco with mac and cheese. Happy-hour taco specials are available, as well as taco flights on Tuesday.

550 W Date St suite b, San Diego, CA 92101 (5.1 miles from the hotel)

Puesto at The Headquarters

Puesto at the Headquarters sells what it describes as “Trophy Tacos” — they’re that good. Its San Diego locations in the city and La Jolla serve the Filet Mignon taco, the winner of Tacolandia’s “Best Taco.” Also try the gluten-free and vegan veggie taco with rajas, tatume squash, nopales, and zucchini blossom, as well as the special that changes on a monthly basis.

789 W Harbor Dr #155, San Diego, CA 92101 (5.7 miles from the hotel)

Lola 55

Lola 55 is all about deluxe, beautifully presented tacos at affordable prices. Try the Insanely Spicy Smoked Fish (at your own risk), featuring fish-stuffed jalapeño, bacon, citrus soy, and red-hot salsa — or discover the milder vegetarian Cauliflower Taco with eggplant bacon, golden raisins, salsa, avo mousse.

1290 F St, San Diego, CA 92101 (8.2 miles from the hotel)

Tacos El Gordo

Tacos El Gordo promises Mexican cuisine that makes you feel like you’re actually in Tijuana, as opposed to San Diego. Top-grade meats, handmade corn tortillas, and guac made from scratch set its own tacos apart, including the Suadero (brisket and your choice of toppings) and Adobada (spiced pork and custom toppings like cilantro, salsa, or crema).

556 Broadway, Chula Vista, CA 91910 (15.7 miles from the hotel)

Plan Your Own Taco Tour

Now that you’ve got your list of taquerias to sample, it’s time to start planning your visit. Check out our exclusive offers to make sure you get the best deal.