A Guide to San Diego’s Secret Speakeasies

Time travel back to the day of Prohibition whenever you enter one of San Diego’s secret bars. Speakeasies have been popular throughout San Diego and these hidden watering holes will instantly transport you back to the debauchery of the Jazz Age — no broken laws this time around though! Sip sumptuous, old-school libations, take in the intimate ambiance, and admire the best and most unique design details at the mixology scene in a San Diego speakeasy.


Oculto 477 (4.8 miles away)


(Photo: @oculto477)

Oculto 477 is one of the most interesting hidden bars in San Diego. Not only does it pay homage to mixologists of the past, including the pre-Prohibition and Prohibition eras, – it’s also the world’s first cemetery-adjacent speakeasy! “477” pays homage to the 477 bodies buried next door at this well-known tourist location. Dress codes and etiquette codes are politely enforced (no baseball hats or flip-flops, please). Enjoy the dedicated mezcal tasting room, “sippers,” or punch bowls. Secret Tip: The entrance is hidden in Tahona. We can’t tell you exactly where. Finding it is half the fun! 

2414 San Diego Ave, San Diego, CA 92110


Shibuya Nights (5.0 miles away)


(Photo: @shibuya.nights)

Inspired by “Tokyo Drift,” Shibuya Nights boasts Asian-fusion dishes and creative cocktails. The space is a repurposed backroom decorated like the trendy Harajuku neighborhood complete with cherry blossoms (lots of them!) and neon lights. Enjoy small bites and delicious cocktails made with Japanese whisky, matcha, and other unique flavors. Secret Tip: Enter through the back of Cloak & Petal in popular Little Italy!

1953 India St Level 2, San Diego, CA 92101


False Idol (5.2 miles away)

(Photo: @falseidoltiki)

Home to more than 200 varieties of rum, False Idol is an immersive Tiki bar. Order the Alkala the Fierce cocktail and watch the flaming volcano erupt. Enjoy the grotto, wood carvings, a waterfall, and tons of other creative and immersive details. Secret Tip: Reach the venue via a walk-in refrigerator in the back of Little Italy’s Craft & Commerce eatery. 

675 W Beech St, San Diego, CA 92101


Room 56 (6.1 miles away)

(Photo: @room50six)

Room 56 is the secret speakeasy at Moxy San Diego. Hidden behind a bookcase and only accessible after conferring with the resident “librarian” who provides the highly guarded password, this San Diego speakeasy boasts inventive cocktails. Sip a Martha Mary Mercy sour, made with St. George All Purpose Vodka, vanilla orgeat, blackberry, and lemon while indulging on rotating menu items. Secret Tip: Access the password on the mysteriously designed webpage. After figuring it out, text it to the number provided to ensure you’ll make it inside.

831 Sixth Ave, San Diego, CA 92101


Prohibition (6.3 miles away)

(Photo: @prohibitionsd)

Located in the popular Gaslamp neighborhood, Prohibition is styled as a vintage law office owned by a man named Eddie O’Hare. Once inside, you’ll be enveloped in a secret underground location complete with an old-time ambiance and masterfully crafted cocktails. Secret Tip: Find the door to Eddie O’Hare’s law office on Fifth Avenue to enter the San Diego speakeasy.

548 Fifth Avenue San Diego, CA 92101


Noble Experiment (6.3 miles away)

(Photo: @nobleexperiment)

An intimate and exclusive bar, Noble Experiment serves unique libations among a wall of skulls. A reservation is the only way you’ll get a seat in this immaculately appointed space. Secret Tip: The entrance of the speakeasy is through a wall of empty kegs, stacked along the wall near the restrooms.

777 G St, San Diego, CA 92101


Youngblood (6.3 miles away) 

(Photo: @trendyspotsofsocal)

Wait…a speakeasy inside another speakeasy?! That’s exactly what Youngblood is! Hidden inside Noble Experiment, this small space is a glamorous one-room bar with only 30 seats. Admire the stunning decor with attention paid to the smallest of details. Secret Tip: Enter through a faux-refrigerator door just beyond the tiled vestibule.

777 G St, San Diego, CA 92101


ReBru Spirits (7.3 miles away)


(Photo: @rebruspirits)

Located in Barrio Logan, ReBru Spirits houses a distillery, indoor and outdoor event spaces, a restaurant, butchery, and, of course, a tavern that was actually a speakeasy during Prohibition! Once you enter, you’ll be transported to psychedelic wonderland. Enjoy delicious food and drinks from every aspect of this great space! Secret Tip: Enter through the shelf located in the main distillery.

1735 National Ave, San Diego, CA 92113


MOTHERSHIP (8.6 miles away)


(Photo: @californialove)

This out-of-this-worlde, space-inspired San Diego speakeasy explores bold, tropical flavors and promises permanent vacation vibes. MOTHERSHIP is a sci-fi-lovers paradise with creative design and a unique backstory, making it one of the most talked about spots among locals in 2022. Secret Tip: Open the door at the corner of Juniper and 30th Street. Once through the door, you’ll find yourself in the crash-landing site that is MOTHERSHIP.

2310 30th St, San Diego, CA 92104


Bar Three Piece (11.9 miles away)

(Photo: @barthreepiece)

After spending a day in North Park, head over to Seven Grand Whiskey Bar for a robust selection of whiskey. Need something different? Head to the back where you’ll find Bar Three Piece, home to over 250 patiently curated bottles of vintage spirits. Enjoy Nicaraguan cigars paired with your drink of choice. Secret Tip: Find a bottle you love? Bar Three Piece offers a Private Bottle Locker Program, which allows you to purchase your own bottle and have it held in a locker for your enjoyment upon each visit. 

3054 University Ave, San Diego, CA 92104


Realm of the 52 Remedies (13.5 miles away)

(Photo: @52remedies)

Start your journey to this 52-seat speakeasy in a white room decorated as a futuristic apothecary, inspired by ancient Chinese medicines. As you continue into the drinking den, you’ll be led down a portal to the past where you’ll find opulent seating, dramatic decorations, and overhead sculptures to further enhance the spectacle of Realm of the 52 Remedies. Secret Tip: The four-seat “Emperor’s Bar” inside the Realm of 52 Remedies offers exclusive access to a collection of premium spirits. 

4805 Convoy Street, San Diego, CA 92111


Raised by Wolves (13.7 miles away)

(Photo: @raisedbywolvesspirits)

Hidden in plain sight, Raised by Wolves is full of nostalgia with frescoes, polished cabinets, marble-tiled floors, and all-around glitzy design. The rotating bar is where seasoned bartenders will mix up creative cocktails. Secret Tip: Fittingly tucked into a liquor store, look for a revolving wall attached to a hidden fireplace.

4301 La Jolla Village Dr #2030, San Diego, CA 92122


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